Original artwork. Mixed media on plywood board. Approximately 30x30 cm.
Varnished with matte UV varnish.
This artwork is based around the feeling of stillness and calm that a cold bright day brings, when the moon and sun are both in still the sky.
These artworks were born from a deep love of nostalgia and light. I'm facinated by the way light can affect everything. My favourite light is either early morning or late afternoon - when the sun is low and the shaows are long. When dust motes fill the air and bokeh speckles the windows and camera lens. I love to paint from memory and from a feeling of nostalgia. These imaginary landscapes are created from many different places, evoking a feeling of familiarity and peace.

This artwork is unframed. To add a frame please select the 'floating frame' option listed and add it on to your order. 
Price is in New Zealand Dollars.
Approximately $393 US dollars/ $534 AUS dollars/ £283 GB pounds/ 334€ Euro (please use a currency converter to check as currency rates change.)

Silence Is The Moon's Song