Contemporary resin art, alcohol ink and acrylic to bring you joy! Resin Art New Zealand by Phoebe Gander

© 2019 by Phoebe Gander

Phoebe Gander

Artist based in Gisborne New Zealand

Phoebe Gander is an abstract Artist, inspired by the beautiful ocean, skies and beaches where she lives with her family in Wainui, Gisborne. She predominantly uses epoxy resin, as well as other fluid mediums such as acrylic ink and alcohol ink. She is self taught in these mediums however has a BA hons degree in printed surface design, which she gained studying at Falmouth College of Arts in the UK. She fell in love with resin in 2018 and creates work using many layers, manipulating it with pigments and other media to creating depth and intrigue.

“I am fascinated by creating artworks that look like water but yet are solid. Resin is not an easy medium to work with, but I’ve fallen in love with the challenge of getting a glassy finish, and creating the appearance of waves and aerial seascapes. There is something captivating about the ocean that means it’s a never ending source of inspiration, ever changing with the tides, seasons,  weather... in a time where everything is fleeting, where people want to consume things so quickly, these artworks for you to stand still and consider a moment caught in time. Living just across the road from the beach I can’t help but feel a strong connection to it.”

Originally from the UK, Phoebe has lived in New Zealand with her husband for the past 13 years where they’ve since had three children.

Latest Exhibitions

COAST EXHIBITION 3rd May - 21st June

Emma Jean Gallery

Silverdale Auckland

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