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Original artwork. Mixed media on plywood board. Approximately 30x30 cm. Varnished with matte UV varnish.


Balmy summer days spent exploring the land and building dens with best friends, creating secret wolrds and roaming for miles. These childhood memories linger with us and inform why nature still provides healing energy today. These artworks were born from a deep love of nostalgia and light. I'm facinated by the way light can affect everything. My favourite light is either early morning or late afternoon - when the sun is low and the shaows are long. When dust motes fill the air and bokeh speckles the windows and camera lens. I love to paint from memory and from a feeling of nostalgia. These imaginary landscapes are created from many different places, evoking a feeling of familiarity and peace. This artwork is unframed.


Price is in New Zealand Dollars.  (please use a currency converter to check as currency rates change.)

Beyond Yesterday

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